Photo: George T. Jean & Caroline Jean  

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Caroline Jean

George Jean and his sister Caroline.

(Around 1998/1999)

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Wedding Day 26 May 1934
George T. Jean & Leona M. Michaud

Profile: George Thaddeus Jean
Profile: Leona M. Michaud

George Thaddeus Jean  

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George was born July 8, 1906 in either Tiverton, RI (based on his obituary) or Fall River, MA ( based on marriage records). These towns are adjacent to each other. He was the son of Napoleon Jean and Clara Ouellette. He had three brothers and two sisters. His Brothers were: Napoleon Jean Jr., Steven, and Antoine. His Sisters were Clara and Caroline. Caroline was the only sibling surviving at his death.

George married his sweat heart Leona M. Michaud daughter of Thomas Michaud and Rose-Ella Mercier on 26 May 1934 at Our Lady of Consolation Church in Pawtucket, RI. Together they had two daughters. Annette Theresa Jean and Claire Marie (Pond) Jean. They also had a miscarriage of what would have been their son.

George and Leona purchased a home at 77 Columbine Ave, Pawtucket, RI. George worked for Black Stone Valley Gas Co. 45 years. He worked for them from 1926 to 1971. Because his job was considered essential he because he was already in his 30's he was not drafted to fight in WWII. After he retired from the gas company he worked for 15 more years for the catholic school as a janitor.

According to my mother Annette her father started out delivering coal to homes. When he came home from work he use to chase his two daughters around the house with his dirty hands telling them he was going to touch them and get them dirty. The two girls would run giggling and screaming while playing with their father.

George was a great family man who took good care of his family. When his oldest daughter Claire got a divorce from her first husband Jim, she moved in with her three children which he helped raise her kids and support them until she remarried her current husband Robert Pond. After my mother Annette got divorced from my father Roger Turgeon, I also moved in with my Meme and Pepe. They help raise me until my mother married her second husband Allen Lunn.

I never herd George and Leona argue. I once asked my mother if she ever herd them argue to which she replied that she did not. She also said that they always went to sleep holding hands. In 1982 George lost the love of his life Leona. Threw the years many laddies tried to win his fancy but he would never date anyone he was forever in love with Leona his beloved wife.

George Thaddeus Jean died on March 3, 1999 of phenomena in Providence, RI. He was living with his eldest daughter Claire and her husband Robert Pond. He was 92 years old just a couple of months short of his 93 birthday. George had six grandchildren. Four from Claire Jim, Denise, Donny from her first husband and Bobby from her second husband. From Annette there was Roger (me) from her first husband and Michael from her second husband.

At his death he had 10 Great grandchildren but ended up with a total of twelve. Claire grandchildren from Jim he had Brad and Ben; from Denise he had Sarah, Dana and Noel, From Bobby he had Brittny and Brandon, Donny died unmarried without issue. Annette's grandchildren from Roger (me) he had Leona Jean and Angelina; From Micheal he had Jacob, Justin and Jayce.

(Photo - George, Leona, Claire and Annette)

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Wedding Photo: George T. Jean & Leona M. Michaud

Photo: George T. Jean and sister Caroline - 1998/99

Wedding Day: 16 Nov 1957
Annette Theresa Jean to Roger Rene Turgeon

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Photo: Annette Theresa Jean as a child  

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Profile: Annette Theresa Jean
Obituary: Annette Theresa Jean
High School Diploma: Annette Theresa Jean
Wedding Photo: Annette Theresa Jean to Roger Rene Turgeon
Wedding Photo: Annette Theresa Jean to Allen Linneaus Lunn

Wedding Photo: Annette Jean to Allen Lunn  

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Wedding Day 6 Jan 1967
Annette Theresa Jean to Allen Linneaus Lunn
Best man Vernon Lunn (Allen's Brother) & Maid of Honor Claire (Pond) Jean ( Annette's Sister)

Profile: Annette Theresa Jean, Profile: Allen Linneaus Lunn

George Thaddeaus Jean - Obituary  

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George Thaddeus Jean
1906 to 1999